These tips can help you find the right contractor for roof repairs

Roof repairs
Be conscious when you hire someone for roof repairs.

Performing roof repairs is a major commitment and expense. That’s why, when you need those repairs, you should be careful who you hire.

In Florida and other areas hit by hurricanes this year, such care is doubly necessary, because of unscrupulous contractors who take advantage of people in desperate need.

Here are a few tips to make sure that, when it comes to roof repairs, you’re an informed consumer.

Go local. Angie’s List suggests that you use a local contractor with a solid reputation in the community. “We have had many calls from customers that have problems within the standard five-year warranty period. The company that they chose to install their roof closed, moved or vanished. It is very easy to provide a piece of paper, but the warranty is only as good as the longevity and reputation of the roofing company,” the contractor review site writes.

Check out Better Business Bureau ratings. GAF ProBlog calls on property owners to check out contractors’ ratings from the Better Business Bureau before they write a check for a contractor to perform roof repairs. “Some contractors blow in (no pun intended) right after a storm looking for work, so it’s important to look them up on the BBB website and make sure they have a good score.” GAF writes.

Shop based on both quality and price. Angie’s List writes that price isn’t everything. Quality counts as well. “Those that do work on the side or are just working out of a pick-up truck can always do the work cheaper. But in the long run, you get what you pay for. Customers that are sold on price as their sole criteria ultimately end up spending more money to fix problems,” the site writes.

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