Solar And Wind Energy Are Booming

solar installation
Solar installer is the fastest-growing occupation in the U.S.

Solar installers and wind turbine technicians are in high demand as the appetite for renewable energy grows.

According to Clean Technica, those two occupations are about as hot as it gets. The site reports:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest growing occupation in the US is solar PV installer, with a projected growth rate of 105% from 2016 – 2026. While this fact might not be that surprising to people in the solar power industry, or those who follow it closely, to anyone else it might be startling. Before you found out that solar PV installer is at the top of the fastest growing occupations, at least in the US, what would you have guessed it to be? Know what number two is? It’s wind turbine service technician — so the top two fastest growing occupations in the country are both in renewable energy.

Not surprisingly, solar and wind are growing fast as a share of the U.S. energy mix, according to CNN. The network reports that the renewable energy sources are on the rise as coal use wanes:

Renewable energy, led by solar and wind, is projected to be the fastest-growing source of US electricity generation for at least the next two years, according to a report published Friday by the US Energy Department.
Boosted by swiftly falling prices, utility-scale solar power is expected to increase by 10% in 2019 and 17% in 2020, the Energy Information Administration said. Wind power should grow 12% and 14% in those years, vaulting it ahead of hydropower for the first time.
Coal, long the king of the power industry, continues to rapidly decline.
The share of total power generation from coal-fired power plants tumbled to 28% last year, compared with 45% in 2010, according to the EIA. Coal’s market share is expected to decline to 24% by 2020. US coal consumption declined by an estimated 4% in 2018 to the lowest level since 1979.


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