Your Roof is Happy That it Lives in South Florida

This roof is having a serious icicle problem.

Boy, your roof is happy that it lives in South Florida. If you can only imagine what type of beating roofs take in these snow heavy cities in the winter time. It makes the lucky roofs in Florida say, “Thank God we have a David Bange Roofing job. And thank God we live in sunny Florida!”

The snow and ice that folks in the North and Middle America’s roofs have seen is way more than what those roofs are equipped for. For many, there are signs of roofing issues that are best to take care of before things get much worse.


A good way to tell if you have serious roof problems is if the roof has bad icicles forming. This can signal an ice dam, which can lead to big problems.


What are Ice Dams?


Ice dams are formed by heat coming rising to the roof from a home’s attic. The snow on the top of the roof melts and travels down the roof under the snow. As it travels further, that water will reach parts of the roof that are cold and will then freeze. This can cause water to back up under the shingles of a roof, which can and usually causes leaks.

If one is looking to remove the snow and ice from your roof and you don’t have the scales, the proper equipment or the insurance to go up on your roof and remove that snow, make sure to hire a professional. It is worth it to avoid injury and the piece of mind that the job was done correctly.


Being that David Bange Roofing is here in sunny Florida, these are problems we just will never face. But please don’t think that your roof is in the clear. There can be other issues that a Florida roof has to deal with. If your roof needs repair, or you just feel that it is time to replace the roof and add something like solar panels for energy, then call now for a consultation.