Keep Up With Roof Maintenance

roof maintenance
Proper roof maintenance is essential.

Keeping up with roof maintenance can help you avoid costs down the road.

But just what is proper roof maintenance? What can you do as a homeowner and when should you consult a professional to make sure your roof is in top condition? These tips can help with those issues.

Debris removal

According to Angie’s List, you should remove debris such as branches and leaves from your roof. Another key to proper roof maintenance is making sure gutters and downspouts are cleared of detritus.

According to Angie’s List, here’s how you can clean your gutters: “Wearing heavy rubber work gloves, carefully remove by hand, or with a small scoop, all debris from the gutters and downspouts. Then, gently scrub away dirt and grime from all areas with a soft bristled cleaning brush. Clear away remaining debris with a garden hose and then check for missing caulk and paint peeling, soffit and fascia rotting, holes and cracks, loose or missing gutter sections or hardware and gutter-related leaks. Make replacements and repairs and re-caulk and re-paint as needed.”

Inspect your roof

You can’t fix what you don’t know about, which is why Angie’s list suggests a close general inspection of your roof.

Here’s the review site: “Check the attic or other interior ceiling for stains that can indicate water is seeping into your home. Then examine the roof for missing, lifted or loose shingles and check the rest of the shingles for moss and mold, worn spots denoted by missing granules, cracks, peeling and curling. Additionally, check for missing or loose flashing, nails and metal roof bolts. Replace and repair shingles or flashing and replace or tighten roof hardware as needed.”

This is one area where consulting with a professional can be an invaluable tool in the homeowners’ maintenance toolkit. You could look at it in the same spirit as proper car maintenance.

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