Florida Poised For Solar Boom

Florida is poised for a solar boom.

The sunshine state is ready for a solar explosion.

The price of photovoltaic panels is dropping and so is the cost of installation. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in a recent study, notes that Florida has lagged other states in solar adoption. But that’s about to change.

According to E&E News:

All that is about to change. NREL researchers foresee Florida’s solar power penetrations climbing as high as 30 percent over the next 10 years, depending on the prices of other electricity sources, such as natural gas, and other market conditions. Elaine Hale, the lead author of the study, said that the percentage could go even higher, depending on how and whether future state policymakers calculate the climate costs of fossil-fueled energy.

Continuing to rely on fossil fuels—primarily imported natural gas, in Florida’s case—is likely to accelerate climate-change-related damage in the state. That includes Florida’s unique exposure to coastal sea-level rise and more powerful storms, such as Hurricane Michael, which had a devastating impact on the Panhandle.

Not everything will be rosy with more solar, Hale and other experts point out, because its fast-paced growth will give Florida a problem with the “duck curve.” That refers to supply and demand curves that show there will be so much solar available at midday that the price will drop to near zero, discouraging additional supplies and requiring conventional electric power sources to ramp up in the morning and early evening when solar is not plentiful. Both California and Hawaii have wrestled with the problem.

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