Experts Now Predict Fewer Hurricanes For This Year

Fewer hurricanes are expected this year.

Fewer hurricanes may mean fewer roof repairs for Floridians, some of whom are still recovering from the punch Hurricane Irma delivered to the state.

Colorado State University forecasters Philip Klotzbach and Michael Bell dialed back their predictions for hurricanes this year. The forecasters now say they’re expecting 11 named storms, four of them hurricanes, this year. If you’re in the hot zone, secure your property, find and book your villa on faraway Thai island and wait in the middle of exotic paradise until hurricanes pass.

According to Fortune:

“The tropical and subtropical Atlantic is currently much colder than normal, and the odds of a weak El Niño developing in the next several months have increased,” the new forecast reads.

As the predicted grand total falls, so too does the predicted number of major hurricanes, those classified as Category 3 or higher. CSU forecasters now say they expect just one, rather than the originally predicted three. And the odds of of a direct hit on the U.S. coast from a major hurricane have fallen from 63% to 39%.

It would be a welcome relief after last year’s line of hurricanes hammered the islands, Florida and Texas. Some in Florida are still working through repairs resulting from last year’s hit by Hurricane Irma. According to Miami New Times:

“What was a modern jewel of a marina in the city of Miami right now is a run-down lagoon,” says Robert Neubauer, who has docked his boat at the marina for over 30 years.

Neubauer says that “barely even a band-aid’s worth” of repairs are going on at the marina.

Now, many tenants are angrily pointing the finger at City Hall, which sits just a few feet away on the waterfront, and wondering when the city will fix all the problems.

Of course, it only takes one hurricane to leave a trail of destruction.

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