Disasters give metal roofs a boost

Metal roofs
Metal roofs get a boost from disasters.

A series of disasters including Hurricane Irma is driving demand for metal roofing, industry professionals said at a convention in Las Vegas last week.

Metal roofs are generally considered to be sturdier than cheaper counterparts such as shingles.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports:

Industry professionals say demand for metal roofing has been growing in recent years, driven in large part by retrofitting of existing homes and commercial buildings.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed by natural disasters in Texas, Florida and California, metal workers expand demand to pick up as those affected repair or rebuild, some choosing more protective materials.

“Between the fires and hurricanes, these guys here are going to see a lot of activity,’’ said Claire Kilcoyne, director of MetalCon.

The expected uptick metal roofing sales comes as demand was already climbing, the newspaper reports:

A study by Dodge Data & Analytics shows the residential metal roofing industry increased its market share to 14 percent, nearly double the 2014 level of 8 percent. Asphalt still dominates with more than 70 percent market share.

But disasters often interest people in the more-permanent metal roofs, the newspaper reports:

When including regular maintenance costs and repairs, metal roofs begin to save homeowners — or building owners — money on a 20-year time frame, said Metal Roof Consultants owner Chuck Howard, who came to the expo armed with a cost analysis spreadsheet.

Homeowners and business owners generally don’t have such a long-term view and thus choose the cheaper alternative, Howard said.

Hurricanes and fires started by embers falling on roofs, though, bring that calculation back into focus, said Scott Kriner, president of Green Metal Consulting. Metal roofs can often command a higher home price or lower home insurance, he said.

“The biggest market for us is reroofing after an owner has had a premature roof failure and they are concerned about the product,” (Scott) Kriner said.

Metal roofs tend to cost more than their asphalt counterparts. But they come with some advantages:

  • Longevity—Metal roofs can last from 40-70 years.
  • Durability—Some metal roofs can withstand winds of up to 140 mph.
  • Energy efficiency—Metal roofs can cut energy costs by 10-25 percent by reflecting radiant heat.
  • Environmentally friendly—Metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable, and are often made from recyclable material.

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