Check Out These Tips For Staying On Top Of Roof Repairs

roof repairs
When it comes to roof repairs, there are a number of areas to look at.

Roof repairs aren’t always prompted by something as dramatic as a hurricane. Sometimes, they’re just a matter of maintenance.

That’s why you want to know what you’re looking at when you look at your home’s roof, when to call in a professional, and what to look for in your roofing contractor. These are some of the things to look for in determining the need for roof repairs.

Wind damage

It doesn’t have to be a hurricane to cause damage to your roof, though that’s certainly something to pay attention to in areas like South Florida.

According to HomeAdvisor, “Regardless of the material they’re made of, shingles are prone to lifting up due to high winds.” Lighter material is clearly most vulnerable. But even heavy asphalt shingles can be blown loose under extreme conditions.

Bad flashing

Vent pipes on your roof are usually well sealed. But corrosion can lead to leaking.

Worn sealant around chimneys and skylights can also become an issue, and skylights are an especially tricky issue because a leak can look like condensation rather than a deeper problem requiring repairs.


Valleys, the little gutters that run down your roof’s interior angles, can become a real problem.

If they’re not properly maintained, flashing on these areas can be damaged by loose roof tiles, fungus, or improper cleaning. “Since the bulk of the rainwater is going to be channeled down these valleys by the laws of gravity, it’s imperative to be sure they are not damaged,” according to Home Advisor.

Where to look for leaks

If you notice a bad leak, your best bet is to call a professional. But doing a little investigation can also be helpful.

So you’ll want to look around skylights, chimneys, the flashing around vents, and valleys on the roof in order to find the most likely culprit.

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