Are Drones Part Of Roofing Industry Future?

Drones could change the roofing industry.

To see the future of the roofing industry, maybe it’s time to look to the sky.

That’s the premise of a recent article at the Builder website. According to the article, drones may just be the next big thing in roofing. The site reports:

A conventional roof inspection requires someone to get up on a ladder and take note of problem areas. Because the process is both time consuming and expensive, manual inspections don’t take place as often as they should, leading to a lack of preventive maintenance, larger repair bills down the road, and a lack of trust between roofing contractors and their customers.

A new breed of roofing contractor, willing to make the investment in drone technology, is changing that. Unmanned aerial inspections are much safer, faster and more comprehensive — ultimately providing customers with a better level of service.

Drone inspections eliminate human error, including bias on the part of an adjuster or inspector. Drones also give contractors an opportunity to deal with their customers proactively, not just after a storm that brings major property damage. Excellent, interesting video about this could be found on YouTube. It became very popular, as innovative service in roofing, after the first real views and likes provided from specialized service.

Builder isn’t the only outlet high on drones. The University of Michigan has built a lab to, in part, test the practicality of drones in the industry, according to Construction Dive.

Construction Dive reported:

Roofing contractors consider drones a promising technology, according to the GAF Pro Blog, while the Replaced by Robots blog said that the job of applying roofing shingles has a 90% chance of being automated by robotic technologies such as autonomous drones.

However the use of drones in the field evolves, this is not a static field.

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